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Road Song Live

Zane Christopher performs his hit single, Road Song, with his friends, the Guilty Trips. This one was a lot of fun to film. Zane is a solo artist and the Guilty Trips learned his song that night in order to film this high energy performance. The crew got to watch the performers learn and practice the song before shooting. Once they got it down, we recorded 3 or 4 takes of the song. There was so much great energy. Filming live band performances is always a good time.


Produced by The GROW Creatives

Directed by The GROW Creatives

Performed by Zane Christopher and The Guilty Trips

Edited by Zane Christopher

Colored by Michael Davis

Cinematography: Maddie Stuhlreyer, Max Jenkins

Audio Engineered by Jay Faires


Special thanks to The Denny Family

Here are a couple photos and videos of behind the scenes of the night of the shoot!

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