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Road Song Lyric Video

Shot 45 minutes outside of Atlanta, this video idea was born and shot in one day. Our makeshift dolly was a blue 2-door Jeep Wrangler driven by Alex Hively.


Some fun facts about the production: We were actually in the middle of a 10 day music video shoot and decided that day to create a lyric video. I used my Sony a7iii on a gimbal and a belt to strap myself to the back seat of the jeep so I wouldn't fall out of the open trunk. We had a team of four that included myself, Zane, the artist, Alex driving, and Olivia Sparks who was my second line of safety in case the belt failed and also the speed monitor who let Alex know how fast or slow to drive. We blasted Road Song through the car speakers and Zane improvised the whole thing. We finished in one take.


Producer: GROW Creatives

Director: Zane Christopher

Director of Photography: Maddie Stuhlreyer

Editor: Michael Davis

Here are a couple photos and videos of behind the scenes of the day of the shoot!

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